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Workshop~ Your Relationship to Others & Meaningful Connections!

Updated: May 3, 2020

Holistic Women's Workshops~ The Journey: Your Relationship to Others & Meaningful Connections!

“The quality of our relationships, determines the quality of our lives.”

1. Understanding How Your Relationships Affect You & Your Life:

  • Understanding How Your Relationships in your life shape who you are, your wellbeing, success, and your ability to receive all the good in your life

2. Starting Point with Your Relationships:

  • Is there a gap between what you want and what you have in your life when it comes to your relationships? If so, how do we improve your relationships?

3. What Creates Healthy Relationships & Meaningful Connections?

Exploring & Integrating:

  • Reality vs. your ideals and potentials in relationships

  • Identify your relationship values and others

  • Recognize your relationship needs and others

  • Acknowledging your boundaries and others in a relationship

  • Self-Expression, active listening & cultivating productive, healthy communications and resolutions

  • Relationship dynamics, compromise, & equal exchanges

  • Strengthening your relationships through vulnerability, generosity, and fun

  • Long-term success in your relationships & End Game

4. Holistic Heart-Centered Healing & Guided Meditation ​

5. Raffle Prize~ To Win a Complimentary Session with Evolve & Empower

Join us in a supporting, uplifting environment where you are surrounded by like-minded women, who are open to personal growth, boundless love, and re-writing their relationship to love. What we do today will build upon tomorrow, so let's get started!

Learn More & Join Us- Selecting Holistic Women's Workshop!

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