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Online Workshop~ Your Dating Foundation!

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Online Holistic Women’s Workshop~ Your Guide to Dating Success Series!

4-Series Online Women's Workshops~ Your Guide to Dating Success!

*Note- You can come to all 4 workshops or to the ones that speak most to you.

  • 1st Online Workshop: Your Dating Foundation

  • 2nd Online Workshop: Navigating the Dating Process

  • 3rd Online Workshop: Online Dating Success

  • 4th Online Workshop: Developing Intimacy & Exclusivity


First Online Women’s Workshop: Your Dating Foundation!

I am thrilled to share with you my next 4-Series Online Holistic Women's Workshop on "Your Guide to Dating Success!" I am combining all my knowledge and expertise as an International Matchmaker, Dating Coach, and Holistic Love Coach & Healer into this incredible series. Whether you are just beginning or need a fresh start with successfully navigating the dating process to achieve your dating goals, then these workshops are for you.

I also wanted to update you that I have to reschedule my first workshop of this series, “Your Dating Foundation”, to the last weekend in August (29th). With that said, I look forward to welcoming and connecting with those that can join us!

1. Your Starting-Point in Your Dating Journey: Starts with You

  • The Warm-Up: Are You Ready to Date?

  • Your Mindset: What are Your Beliefs Surrounding the Dating Process and Meeting Your Ideal Romantic Partner?

  • Your Heart: Keeping Your Heart Open in the Dating Process & Meeting Your Own (Emotional) Needs

  • Cultivating & Leading from Your Empowered Authentic Self throughout the Dating Process

2. Understanding the Dating Process:

  • The Power of Intention in the Dating Process

  • Understanding Different Types of Dating Styles

  • Learning the Different Stages of the Dating Process & How to Navigate it Successfully

  • Dating During the Coronavirus

3. Your Dating Foundation:

  • Creating a Profile for Your Ideal Romantic Partner with Some Room for the Unexpected

  • Creating Your Own Dating Rules

  • Addressing the Top 10 Dating Myths to prevent it from affecting your dating success

  • 360 Degree Approach to Finding Romantic Compatible Matches for You

  • Being Bold Challenge to support your dating success

4. Holistic Heart-Centered Healing & Guided Meditation

  • Holistic heart-opener and heart-centered healing- opening your heart to receive love

  • Creating peace, harmony, and balance within

  • Reducing stress, anxiety, anxiousness, depression, fear, pain, and much more!

5. Raffle Prize: * Win a Complimentary Session with Evolve & Empower (that can be done by phone or Skype)


Next Workshop: Your Dating Foundation! Date: Saturday, August 29th, 2020 Time: 10:30am-1:30 pm Mountain Standard Time (Arizona-USA) Location: Online Event Using GoToMeeting Ticket Price: $30 Last Day to Register: August 27th, 2020 Only 20 spots available and all guests must register by midnight on August 27th to reserve your seat for our Online Women’s Workshop. All registered guest will receive their Online Workshop Preparation Email on August 28th. Purchase Ticket through Eventbrite. *************************************************************************

Online Workshop Preparation: 1. Your Preparation: Have Notebook, Pen, Open Mind, Workshop Exercises (printed or download on your computer to use in the online workshop), Pick a Space in Your Home Where You Won’t Be Interrupted, & Use Headphones if You Have Them. 2. Preparation Email: On August 28th, you will receive an email from Kate, the host of the event, with your GoToMeeting invitation link and workshop exercises in a word document format needed for the online event.


Join us! Join us in a supportive, uplifting environment where you are surrounded by like-minded souls! What we do today will build upon tomorrow, so let's get started! To Learn More About Our Holistic Women’s Workshop; Visit Evolve & Empower! To Stay Connected for Future Workshops; Join Our Newsletter Community or Visit Our MeetUp Groups!

If you have any questions, please contact your host & workshop facilitator, Kate Dreyfus, at Evolve & Empower. #WomenGroup #HolisticWomenWorkshop #OnlineEvent


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