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Expert Collaboration About How to Support Your Daily Success in Your Relationship Goals!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Happy in Bold teamed up with Evolve & Empower's expert, Kate, a Holistic Love Coach & Healer, to explore and discuss the importance of celebrating your progress, small daily wins, and when you do accomplish your relationship goals in their July's Compass Book!

It is easy to get caught up in the rat race and in the mindset that you are either not doing enough or you only celebrate after you accomplish your goal. When one of the best ways to support your success is celebrating throughout your journey to your final destination. It is in our little steps or leaps that we can find small or big victories to inspire, uplift, and give us the motivation and fuel we need for our next leg of our journey. Below you can learn more about Happy in Bold and our collaboration for July's Compass Book that guides you through supporting your daily success with your relationship goals!

Let's Begin By Learning Who is Happy in Bold & How Do They Support You:

Happy in Bold is a sister-owned company with the goal of helping others find happiness through achieving their own goals. Their flagship product is Compass Book, a monthly planner/workbook/magazine dedicated to helping subscribers reach their goals every 30-days. Happy in Bold also has additional products including planners, goal-centric printable, and motivational products.

Owners Kerri Gaither and & Heather Meade are additionally focused on collaborating with experts across all industries in order to point their fans towards additional support for reaching specific goals. Experts are featured in their Compass Book and their blog where they also highlight stories of achievement provided by people from all walks of life.

Happy in Bold's July Compass Book Shares Evolve & Empower's Expertise & Insights About How to Support Your Daily Success with Your Relationship Goals.

Below is a taste of what is shared in the July Compass Book:

Relationship goals are one of the most important goals we will work on in our lives. As Esther Perel says, "The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives." Whether you are working on your relationship to yourself, your love life, or the meaningful connections in your relationships, you will need to find different ways to stay motivated and support your success.

All of us have had moments where we get inspired by our dreams to explore the heights of our potential or the type of success we want to experience in our love life. These moments give us the fuel to take-action. The challenge is that many of our relationship goals are not going to be achieved over night. Once the initial excitement wears off, it’s important to find ways to keep your inner flame burning. One of the best ways to do that is celebrating our small and big wins throughout our journey and when we arrive at our final destination.

In the July Compass Book, Kate, Holistic Love Coach & Healer, shares why it's essential to celebrate your wins. As important, Kate goes over when to integrate these celebratory moments in your journey to support you staying empowered, motivated, and uplifted in the process of accomplishing your relationship goals.

To learn more about Happy in Bold and receiving their monthly Compass Book to support your daily goals, visit Happy in Bold!

To learn more about how Evolve & Empower can support your personal growth, love life, and relationship goals, visit Kate at Holistic Love Coach & Healer Services!

We look forward to connecting with you and supporting your goals successfully!

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