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Holistic Services & Workshops

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Complimentary Phone Consultation!

If you are interested in Evolve & Empower services and how they can benefit you today, then I would invite you to set up a complimentary consultation phone call! During the call, I would briefly get to learn about you and your goals. It will also give me an opportunity to discuss my services to see which one will best support you.

You are also welcomed to bypass the complimentary phone consultation if you have a clear idea of what service will best assist you and want to get started as soon as possible. To learn more, contact us today!


15 Minutes- Complimentary 

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Evolve & Empower's Holistic Services & Workshops

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Depending on Session Selected:

Times: 30, 60, 75, or 90 Minute Sessions

Prices: $75-145

In-Person, By Phone, or Skype Sessions

Holistic Love Coach Services 

For Deepening Your Capacity to Receive More Love & Abundance in Your Life, Cultivating Self-Love & Self-Acceptance, Success in Dating or an Exclusive Relationship, and Creating Healing & Renewing After a Breakup or Divorce!

We offer 4 Holistic Love Coach Services and 3 Holistic Healing Services that are intended to create healing, uplifting breakthroughs & transformations, and creating the love you want to experience in life! 

4 Holistic Love Coach Services:

  • Your Relationship to Self & Cultivating Wholeness Session

  • Success in Dating & Meaningful Connection Session

  • Success in Your Relationship Session (includes friendships, family, and/or romantic partner) 

  • Healing & Renewing Session~ After a Toxic Relationship, Breakup, or Divorce 

3 Holistic Healing Services:

  • Holistic Love Coach & Heart-Centered Healing Session

  • Holistic Love Coach & Energy Therapy Session

  • Sound Therapy Session~ For Breaking Through Old Patterns in Love

These Sessions Can Include:

  • Co-creating successful strategies to achieve the love you want to experience in life

  • Supporting you to break free from the past and break through any glass-ceilings related to your goals with love

  • Accomplishing your goals related to self-love, self-acceptance, self-trust, and self-confidence

  • Supporting your success and having a positive, empowering dating experience

  • Healing, renewing, & achieving your goals with an exclusive relationship

  • To gain a clear focus and prioritizes your goals for what you want to accomplish this month, in 3 months, 6 months, within the year, and/or long-term

  • Creating personal growth in love; with yourself, romantically, and with others

  • Liberating breakthroughs with your old patterns with love

  • Healing from toxic or narcissistic relationships (includes- romantic, friends, family members, & professional relationships) 

  • Developing healthy relationships in your life

  • Healing & learning how to start over after a breakup, separation, or divorce

  • Healing any pain or fear you may have attached to your experience of love; including with self-love, dating, & within all relationships 

  • If needed, using holistic healing for any time you may have felt betrayed, rejected, abandoned, and/or experienced loss or trauma

  • Assisting you to be limitless in your capacity to receive more love, which is also connected to the degree of being able to receive all of the good in our lives 

  • And much more!

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Depending on Session Selected:

Times: 30, 60, 75, 90 Minute Sessions

Prices: $75-145

In-Person, By Phone, or Skype Sessions

Holistic Empowerment Coach Services 

For Restoring Your Will Power & Vitality, Cultivating an Empowered Mindset & Emotional Resilience, and Creating a Clear Focus, Motivation, & Movement Forward in Your Life by Achieving Your Goals!

We offer 3 Holistic Empowerment Coaching Services that are devoted towards your empowerment, evolution, & elevation! These sessions are incredible for cultivating your inner strengths & motivation, catapulting you to the next level, and fulfilling your goals! 

3 Holistic Empowerment Coach Services:

  • Holistic Empowerment Coach Session

  • Holistic Empowerment Coach & Energy Therapy Session

  • Sound Therapy Session~ For Deep Healing & Liberating Life Transformations

These Sessions Can Include:

  • It is designed to make it easier to build motivation, momentum, & a solution-focused approach to fulfilling your life goals

  • Co-creating successful strategies to achieve your limitless goals in life

  • To gain a clear focus and prioritizes your goals for what you want to accomplish this month, in 3 months, 6 months, within the year, and/or long-term

  • Creating personal growth and/or professional growth

  • If you find yourself at a crossroads and wanting to start a new chapter, but uncertain which direction to go or what is the next step then this service is for you

  • Learning to cultivate more self-trust and trusting the process to achieve your goals

  • Daily tools to support your empowered mindset, emotional resilience, & bringing that energy into every area of your life

  • It can also integrate breathwork & body scanning techniques to reduce stress, fear, anxiety, mind-chatter & mind-fog, and bring relief

  • If needed, holistic healing for any pain or fear you may have attached to your experience of being successful as well as being powerful (including healing beliefs, emotional wounds, and/or mistrust with self) 

  • Additionally, this session uses holistic life coaching & energy therapy, & works on all 5 levels to support your success

  • And much more!

Photo 1- Biofield Forks- Wood Backround.

Depending on Session Selected:

Times: 75 or 90 Minute Sessions

Prices: $125- $145

In-Person Session Only 

Sound Therapy Services 

For Deep Healing, Uplifting Breakthroughs, & Liberating Life Transformations​!

These sessions use Biofield Tuning for our Liberating Sound Therapy Services, which has been found to be life-changing! It can also include Holistic Healing & Insight, and on a smaller scale, it can either provide Holistic Love Coach, Holistic Life Coach, or Holistic Empowerment Coach based on the service selected below. 

We offer 3 Different Types of Sound Therapy Services that are either focusing on:

  • Holistic Empowerment Session~ Reclaiming Your Willpower, Strengthening Your Vitality, and Creating Breakthroughs with Your Empowerment & Success in Life ​

  • Holistic Love Session~ Deepening Your Capacity for Self-Love, Supporting Your Ability to Receive More Love, & Creating Breakthroughs with Your Old Patterns in Love​

  • The Total Package Session~ It is Designed to Address Everything & What is Needed Most  

These sessions have been found to support deep healing and powerful life transformations by helping you to break free from your past and break through any glass ceilings that may be preventing you from accomplishing your goals!



Each of E&E's Workshops & Events will provide your ticket price



Each of E&E's Workshops & Events will provide the location that will either be done in-person or available online


All guests must register for each of E&E's Workshops or Events to be able to reserve their spot 

Holistic Women's Workshop for Love

For Healing, Renewing, & Creating Success with Your Relationship to Love!

The Holistic Workshop for Women is focusing on Cultivating Self-Love & Self-Acceptance, Success with Dating & Romance, Creating Healthy & Fulfilling Relationships, and Deepening Your Capacity to Receive More Love, Abundance, & Success in Your Life. These workshops can be done in-person and starting in April 2020 they will also be available online.

These Workshops Can Include:

  • All workshops are designed for powerful healing, liberation, and building success that can be created in group work!

  • Uplifting & Safe Environment~ These workshops are taking place in an uplifting, safe environment, surrounded by women, which creates an opportunity to be seen, heard, and receive compassion, empathy, and the support you may need 

  • Explore & Insight~ It is also an opportunity to create awareness, insight, and a willingness to be open to exploring new ways of thinking,  feeling, and being

  • Topics & Tools~ Each workshop topic will provide tools & solutions that you can apply in your daily life to support powerful shifts and transformations. You can find a list of all the different topics that will be explored on our workshop page

  • Each workshop~ I will be providing my expertise as a Dating & Relationship Coach, former International Matchmaker, and Holistic Love Coach 

  • Holistic Healing & Insights~ The workshops can also include Holistic Healing & Insight, for healing any pain, fear, or mistrust that you may have attached or associate to your experience of love

  • Expert Speakers~ Some workshops will include more than one expert speaker, who will share their knowledge on the subject matter and provide tools to support your success

  • Add-Ons~ All workshops will begin by using one or more holistic modalities to help release any stress from the day and assist in uplifting you: by using Breath Work & Body Scan, Heart-Center Healing Exercises, Guided Meditation & Visualization, Affirmations to help shift your mindset, Healing Touch & Reiki, Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, and Tibetan Bowls

  • Prizes~ Additionally, all guest will be given an opportunity to win gift certificates for E&E's services and other prizes

  • Together~ this is a co-creating workshop, where we ask for everyone to come with an open mind and heart, a willingness to be flexible & receptive to what is being shared, and openness to trusting the possibilities in your own process to achieving your goals related to love

  • And much more!

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