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About Kate

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My Mission-"To Assist My Clients To Evolve, Empower, & Thrive!"

My Story


Kate is known as a dedicated Holistic Love Coach, Holistic Empowerment Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Intuitive Empath, and Energy & Sound Healer. 


My passion and background have always been in psychology. I've learned the importance of how our life experiences shape our beliefs and behavior, which contributes to our life outcomes and patterns. This awareness is what can empower us because all beliefs can be changed. By shifting our mindset, we change our lives! I have experienced this powerful shift in my own life as well as with my clients. 

Within my experiences as an international matchmaker and dating coach, I had an opportunity to work with clients in Hong Kong, Europe, UK, Canada, and in the USA; where I helped clients successfully enter exclusive, romantic relationships.

Throughout all of my international matchmaking experiences, I found with absolute certainty, that when we have beliefs that support the type of love we want to experience in our lives and within ourselves, it creates endless fulfillment.  It puts us in a position where we are more open and receptive to receiving more and giving more, not just within our relationships, but within every area of our lives.


I also found that when we put limits on our capacity to receive love, then we are also putting conditions on the amount of good we can receive in our lives.


When it comes to creating empowering beliefs & deepening our capacity for love, what will help us the most, is some Heart-Centered Healing. Heart-Centered Healing helps us to heal any emotional wounds and unprocessed emotions that make us disconnect from how we feel and can contribute to us not feeling whole. Additionally, what will support our growth is our willingness to confront and move beyond old limitations and fears in our belief system that may be preventing us from fully accepting ourselves and living our best lives. The reward for this choice and commitment to do this type of work on your personal growth will benefit you for life! 

These valuable insights and experiences are why I found the need to learn more about holistic healing modalities.


I felt it was the missing piece that was needed for me to be able to address the whole person. I have found that using holistic healing modalities supports me to get to the core of what will assist my clients the most, especially with creating healing, releasing, and empowerment on all 5 levels; mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically, and spiritually. This approach also helps me to support my clients being in alignment on all 5 levels, which makes it easier for them to accomplish their goals. 


Additionally, I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2011, during this time, I helped to create 4 startup companies, where I assisted them with developing into international businesses. With 2 of the startup companies, I was overseeing up to 19 locations, where I trained & managed all of the International Matchmakers, Directors, and Headhunters.


Throughout those experiences and my own professional burnout, I’ve learned the importance of prioritizing having higher levels of wellbeing, wellness, and having healthy relationships in my life (including the one with myself). 


Within my own journey of achieving higher levels of wellbeing and learning that I am a highly sensitive empath and intuitive, opened me up to learning everything I could independently and through completing different training programs of coaching, holistic healing modalities, and intuitive holistic healing with the sole purpose of empowering my own life and my clients.


Every experience I have had in my life is what has contributed to the birth of Evolve & Empower in 2015. I am deeply grateful that every lesson I have learned from life, higher education, and mentors allows me the opportunity to be of service to my clients and their success!

Memberships & Associations

Well People


The Biofield Institute

Healing Touch Professional Association

Energy Medicine Professional Association


Qualifications & Specialties


B.A in Psychology


Wellness Inventory Coach


Wellness Coaching Specialist


Trained in Mind-Body Coaching Tools


International Matchmaker & Dating Coach


Usui Reiki Master & Craniosacral Therapy


Ordained Minister- Spiritual Insight

Biofield Tuning Practitioner- trained by Eileen McKusick


Healing Touch Level 4- trained by Lisa Thompson & Anne Day


Mentored & Trained by Quantum Reiki Grand Master & Intuitive Holistic Healer, Rosa Medina-Fasset

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