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Interviewed by Elite Daily on How to Support Your Wellbeing After a Breakup!

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Elite Daily interviews expert, Holistic Love Coach & Healer, Kate, to explore the importance of using sage to clear your home after a breakup to support your healing, renewing, and creating a fresh start. This practice can also be used during times where you feel stuck, emotionally down, caught up in negative thinking or fear, and/or need a boost in your vibration.

To learn more about the purpose and all the benefits of using sage and other holistic tools after a breakup to support you and your home's wellbeing, visit Elite Daily!

To Learn More About How to Use Sage in Your Home- To Support You & Your Home’s Wellbeing Read Below:

A. Clear the Clutter & Open Your Space

It’s important to clear your physical space first before clearing it energetically. It’s important to put your clothes and dishes away and anything else that needs to go back to its designated area in your home. This is a great time to ask your friends for help if needed.

Afterward, open up all the doors and windows in your house, including the closest and bathroom doors with the intention of releasing the old to make room for the new. It also helps the process of clearing your home.

B. Gather Your Supplies & Consider Using Sound:

Create a place in your home where you want to gather all of your supplies. Some people create an altar to make it more of a sacred ritual with the intention of clearing, cleanings, and purifying their home. An alter can be any elevated surface or just a nominated area for it; using a countertop, bedside table, or even using a tray that you can bring with you to each room in your home.

With that in mind, the most essential item is which sage to pick. I recommend that you use a dried white sage for clearing your home during a breakup. I found that white sage is a powerful tool for clearing stagnant & congestive energy (which includes heavy emotions), other people’s energy & essence, and negative energy.

Other items you can include are a candle, seashell, or fireproof bowl for the sage, a feather, and a spray bottle of essential oils. Additionally, I like to add sound into clearing my home or office before adding in the sage.

If you have a Crystal Bowl, Tibetan bowl, or Tibetan chimes, you can use it by starting at your front door and making a full circle around your home back to the other side of your front door. The intention is that by the time you get back to your front door, on the inside of your home, your home is fully cleared. You’ll notice that the sound will change as it’s breaking up stagnant energy and clears negative energy. The sound will go back to its normal tone (coherent frequency; clear, consistent, even tone) once an area of your home is cleared.

If you don’t have a dedicated sound instrument for clearing your home, then you can always use Sandra Ingerman “Cleansing and Purification” song that you can either buy on iTunes or listen to it on YouTube for free. It’s a song you can play while you sage. It helps by breaking up energy and clearing it, which ultimately makes it easier to clear your home with sage.

C. Set an Intention & Begin:

Starting at your altar or the dedicated space for your tools, take a breath and set a clear intention that every part of you is choosing to clear your home of the old relationship, anything that no longer serves you, congestive & stagnant energy, and negative energy. By doing this, your intention is also to reclaim your space and make room for the new. You can also set the intention that every time you enter your home, or are in your home you feel safe, secure, and loved. Some people add in a candle with their intention; you can look at it as making a wish. Only blowing out the candle when you are done clearing your home; representing that what you did is enough, and it is complete.

The next step, if you want to use sound, is to follow the steps listed above under “Gather Your Supplies & Consider Using Sound.”

Whether you want to use the sound piece or skip it altogether, the next step is to light your sage by using a candle, lighter, or match. Blow the flame out on the sage so that the embers are glowing. Then you want to clear yourself with the sage. Everyone has different approaches, but I like to keep it simple. I like to begin by clearing my head and slowly clearing my whole body down to my toes (clearing both my front side and back). I tend to hold the sage over parts of my mind, heart, and body that may be holding heaviness or tension to help alleviate it.

When it comes to clearing your space, again, everyone has their own approach. What I like to do is start at the front door with the intention that by the time I make a full circle around the inside of my home back to my front door that the clearing is complete. You can use your hand or feather to waft the smoke from the floor upwards to clear your home, starting with your front door and then moving in the right direction. You want to clear room by room, making sure to spend more time saging or smudging in all the four corners of each room. You also want to spend extra time smudging in the entranceways to your home, windows, kitchen (the heart of your home), where you sleep, and where you “emotionally dump." What I mean by “dump” is where you are emotionally dumping and/or the place where you come at the end of the day to rest your bones. It’s a place where we are releasing the most, which is why we need to clear it the most.

D. Completion & Infusing the New:

Once you have completed smudging your home, come back to your sacred place where all of your tools are, and this is a great time to spray a bottle of essential oil throughout your home. You can use Rose & Frankincense or Lemon & Eucalyptus essential oils. It’s a great way to bless your home with love, peace, and how you want your home to feel. Your safe haven.

You can also spread out crystals in your home to help support you and your home’s wellbeing. Rose Quartz can help with healing, self-love, self-compassion, and love. It can also act as a reminder to give yourself more tender love in each moment. Citrine Crystal helps to continue to clear your home and helps to charge your Solar Plexus where our power center is- helping us to feel secure throughout the transition. Smokey Quartz can help with energetically protecting you, clearing you, releasing heaviness, and grounding you, which helps you to feel safe and secure.

Once everything is done, then come back to your intention and connect to your gratitude; having gratitude towards your home for creating a safe haven for you and self-gratitude for your willingness to clear your home. Then blow out your candle.

Your home will feel amazing! It’s a great gift to give yourself! Enjoy!

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