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"It's been a pleasure working with Kate. She has guided me through various scenarios with a special match. A complete natural to relationship coaching, Kate has provided me with winning advice multiple times. I have learned a lot about myself after partnering up with Kate and she's incredibly effective and supportive."

Antonio- 34, VP-Investments, San Francisco- CA

"A breakthrough is a moment in time when the impossible becomes possible!" Tony Robbins 

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“Kate is genuine, a great listener, professional, and very gifted. She sees every individual in all their wholeness with a respectful and compassionate approach. Do to our sessions, I have started to live in alignment with my true self and regained my power. It has been a very powerful healing journey and it changed my life. I’m grateful to have worked with Kate Dreyfus.”

Nathalie- RN, HTI-PA, San Marcos-CA- Genbook Review

“Kate’s intuition, empathy, and thoughtfulness show through every time we talk. She knows how to listen, problem-solve and motivate with genuine compassion. Her coaching has helped me learn how to identify my negative self-talk and how to replace it with self-love, which is ultimately the most important part of building confidence and feeling content. Kate uses her humor and gentle persistence to help set goals and make sure I am doing my “homework” to achieve them. She brings both accountability and inspiration to my everyday life.”

Cara- Marketing & Strategy-Food Startup- Genbook Review

“My life has been changed for the better and have grown so much in the past year both spiritually and mentally. Kate was one of the first people that I had started working with when I began my journey. She has given me an understanding of myself and has helped me see things that were stuck deep inside my consciousness that I had no idea were still affecting me to be able to keep my energy flowing. Her intuition and energy work is powerful, to where it leaves you with a sense of direction and tranquility when the session is over. I am grateful to have her in my life to guide me through the ups and downs and the unknowns.”

Amber- San Diego, CA- Genbook Review

“I am so grateful to Kate for her coaching these last few months. Her wisdom, patience, and compassion have guided me to a new way of being. With her assistance, I was able to Realize, Release, Reframe, and Reclaim parts of my life that were holding me back. This transformation has been deeply healing. It has empowered me to move forward with a newfound spirit.”

Lisa- 54, Investor, Santa Barbara-CA- Genbook Review

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"I have attended a couple of Kate's Heart Healing workshops and have been incredibly happy with her leadership and knowledge. Kate has assisted in helping me find balance in my life and an incredible peace within. I have also had the pleasure of completing a one-hour Energy session last week. Kate is truly a master at her craft. I have been able to remember to breathe properly and I feel amazing. I am looking forward to attending more of Kate's workshops. Thank you, Kate, for helping me find myself and for the new-found peace in my life."

Denise- Scottsdale, AZ- Google Review

"Phenomenal Energy Session & Women's Workshops! I found Kate through 2 of her Holistic Workshop classes that have taught me so much about my relationship with myself and others. She is very intuitive, understanding, and passionate about her love for a purposeful joyful life. She is instrumental in guiding you on how to actually get there. The energy session was nothing short of amazing and helped me clear out so much. So grateful to have found her. Thank you!"

Genbook Review- Scottsdale, AZ

“From one end of life to the other, we are always getting used to our new situations. Kate has been my guide to embrace change, navigate the aging process and achieve “peace of mind”. She is a gifted listener who brings bushels of encouragement and expertise to trust myself and my choices.”


Helen- Northern California- Genbook Review

"I thank Kate tremendously for helping me safely bring trapped emotions and repressed energy up to the surface so that I could properly heal from past experiences. From the moment I reached out to her, she treated me with so much respect and I felt her genuine unconditional love and acceptance for me. Walking into her office the day of our session was magical! Her space was so fresh with great energy and I loved all the things she added to make it feel super zen. During the session, I felt super relaxed but later that day is when I felt my heart center really burst open. A past experience that I thought I had dealt with came back into my memories and I began working through the situation with so much compassion. It honestly has taken me nearly 10 days to write this review because I've been doing that much healing since our session. It was the PERFECT gift to also go to her "A date with your own heart" workshop the very next day after our session and dive deeper into the thoughts I had surrounding my relationship with my heart. So magical and so grateful that I crossed paths with this amazing healer :) thank you, Kate!!"

Alora- Scottsdale, AZ- Google Review

"Deep soul healing has been my experience with Kate. She creates a beautiful, safe space to uplift your spirit, calms your mind, and open your heart to what you need most in each session. She is one of the best healers!"


Dan- 35, San Diego-CA

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"Kate is an incredible healer, teacher, and human. She has helped me release some fears, emotional ties, and negative thought patterns that I have been trying to work on for 3 years. She is a master of her craft, and she gives her time, energy, and insight from a loving place that makes you feel safe and clear. She can help you create massive shifts in your mind, body, and soul. I highly recommend her."

Genbook Review- San Diego, CA

"Discovering Evolve & Empower’s Kate has been an incredible gift to myself. Kate is a supportive, empathic, active listener. Her communication style is spot on to help me achieve my goals and create healthier, happier relationships which includes my most important relationship with myself!! Kate is very mindful to make sure each session is for my best and highest good. As a recovering co-dependent, Kate works with me to break this cycle. I highly recommend evolve & empower’s Kate!"

Genbook Review- Phoenix, AZ 

"I've been through several sessions with Kate, and I can't get enough. I know she always has my healing in mind. I have had emotional blockages after a few bad breakups that are already subsiding after her work on it. What I’m finding the most from this beautiful work is that the release and freedom of energy just doesn’t last for a session and go away. The Reiki work lives in you, and Kate is the perfect guide to help you understand and maintain its benefits. I will continue my work with Kate!"


Genbook Review- San Diego, CA

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"I had the pleasure of attending a few of Kate's workshops on heart healing and getting back in touch with myself. Kate is an amazing teacher and healer.  I have grown within and am practicing self-healing daily.  I recently attended a personal energy healing session and Kate was able to help me tremendously.  I left feeling energized, confident and able to find peace within.  It has been a week and I still feel at peace and positive.  I look forward to attending her next workshops and recommend Kate to anyone interested in self-healing.  Kate is truly a master at her craft in self-love and healing."

Denise Z.- Scottsdale, AZ 

"The easy and professional approach Kate brings to her coaching sessions is at once unassuming and direct. Her knowledgeable and approachable style is results orientated and her vast and varied experience in the field of holistic healing makes her a natural healer and wellness coach. I am grateful for the impact Kate has had on my life!"

Nancy- 63, Lifestyle Coach & Yoga Instructor, Minneapolis-MN

“I have come to see that healing is a process of reclaiming our power and being able to experience greater degrees of freedom, and sound balancing definitely supports this process.”

Josh- 38, Hospitality Industry, Hillcrest- CA

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"I highly recommend Kate for both her holistic healing workshops and private therapy sessions."

Rebbeca- Scottsdale, AZ- Google Review

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"Kate literally has the best energy!! As soon as I start my session with Kate, I am surrounded by her warmth, compassion, support, and good intentions that makes me feel very safe. Her energy feels like I am bathing in the sunlight, transforming my mood, outlook, and worry. Her energy work gives me the nurturing fulfillment that my body, mind, and soul need. Highly recommend Kate!"

Jen- San Diego, CA- Genbook Review

"I saw Kate for holistic coaching and energy therapy services. My experience was incredible. She made me feel completely comfortable, explaining what I could expect and creating a calming environment. The outcome has been incredible. I’ve been able to shed lifelong impacts of trauma that before I’d struggled to leave in my past. I’m grateful to have found her and recommend her services highly."

Katie- Phoenix, AZ- Google Review

​"I'm new to energy work, and very grateful to have my very first session with Kate. She has a very calming way about her, made me feel very comfortable, and gave me some tools that I can incorporate to help me feel grounded in times that I'm not. My body was sore after our session where she performed her work which I thought was amazing, I could really feel it working!"

Genbook Review- San Diego, CA

"I really enjoyed my experience with Kate and would recommend anyone looking for a deeper understanding of themself and stress, emotions, relationships to see her. The office space was warm and inviting, Kate takes the time to make you feel comfortable and help you understand everything taking place. I left feeling lighter and happier. Kate is so easy to talk to, it’s just like chatting with a friend. I can’t wait to go back!"

Nicole- Tempe, AZ- Google Review

“Ever since I started coming to Kate’s sessions, it feels like my World has become bigger and fuller of endless possibilities. Kate always points out different angles, perspectives, and approaches to every situation, helping me to feel fully confident in my choice of what is the Next Best Move in my life. I feel so Good about My Life and am excited about what’s to come...and I owe a lot of that to Kate’s consistent support!!"


Joanna- 31, La Jolla-CA- Genbook Review

"I went in for some bodywork and was very happy with the results! She educated me on what she was going to do and the results were amazing. After I left, I felt much lighter and wasn’t carrying the baggage I came in with. I felt a huge release and much calmer and relaxed! Kate really has mastered her talent! Thank you!"


Genbook Review- San Diego, CA

"My last girlfriend past away suddenly at the end of our relationship and I didn’t know if I would ever recover from it or the depths of how much it was affecting me and my new relationships in my life. By working with Kate, has brought me deep releasing, healing, and giving more love to myself, which has also noticeably improved a lot of my relationships. I am able to be more present, open, and giving and allowing others to give to me more. Very grateful for this experience with Kate!"


Genbook Review- San Diego, CA

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Sunset Sailboats

“Kate is an unbelievable intuitive healer! I always feel renewed every time I leave my sessions; my mind is calm and in an empowered state, feeling good about myself with my heart open and receptive, and my spirit and energy are light and bright. It’s a complete tune-up for my overall wellbeing!”

Sierra- San Diego, CA- Genbook Review 

"Kate is incredibly intuitive and supportive as a coach! Her heart-centered healing and coaching sessions created deep, uplifting healing, and unconditional love that I needed during the holidays. Beyond grateful and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants and needs a new way forward in love!"

Miranda- Scottsdale, AZ- Google Review

"Miracle Manifestations in progress... I have been blessed to have Kate as my Reiki Practitioner. I always feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. When I leave, life is clearer than ever and I feel like I have the tools and the mindset needed to move my life forward in the direction I need it to go in. Thank you, Kate, for making such a positive impact on me and helping through times when the clarity is clouded, when my mind is racing, or I am unsure with the decision to make. You're a lifesaver!"

Genbook Review- San Diego, CA

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"Kate has a unique ability to identify the habits and behaviors that prevent me from reaching my goals and feeling my self-worth. She keeps me focused on what I can do to effect change in my life and keeps me from focusing on things I can't control. I can't say enough about what she has done for me. An hour with Kate is like a year of therapy." 

Adam- 46, San Diego-CA- Genbook Review

"My Holistic Session with Kate was amazing! Kate has a genuine compassion for her craft and is professional and extremely knowledgeable. I went to my session with an open mind and desire to feel better in my everyday life. I went in feeling overwhelmed. I left feeling peaceful, hopeful and the feeling of joy in my heart and my soul. I had a profound experience last night that further validates the gift that Kate has in helping others in healing and growing within!" 

Genbook Review- Scottsdale, AZ

“Kate has supported me to stay open and receptive to new opportunities when the stakes were high with my financial circumstances. To stay open, positive, empowered and trusting that all my hard work to achieving my financial freedom is manifesting. She has helped me to clear old beliefs and emotions that I attached to my past experience with money and replace it with a new, healthy relationship with money. And now, I’m in the flow!”


Rob- Entrepreneur, La Jolla- CA- Genbook Review 

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"I am an experienced recipient of Biofield Tuning and so can say with confidence that this has been the best experience yet. Kate is very personable and provides a full spectrum of attention and understanding necessary for treatment. I am definitely planning on continuing to receive her services."

Genbook Review- Encinitas, CA 

"Kate is so special. Her coaching is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and has helped me heal and transform my thinking like no one else has ever done before. She is genuine and authentic. You really feel like she cares about your growth and her perspective has changed my life for the better."

Genbook Review- Encinitas, CA

“Each session helped me to shed the layers that were preventing me from fully receiving the love, joy, and trust that I wanted in my everyday life. I had so many walls up that were created from fear and pain from my past. By working with Kate, it has helped me to feel confident in my self-trust so that I can let go of everything that was holding me back and live a full life!”

Jill– 55, RN, La Jolla-CA- Genbook Review 

EE Girl Heart Photo.jpg

“I've been to Kate twice and will continue to see her on an ongoing basis. She is incredibly gifted in her work and ability to heal. Both times I've seen her, I have had profound experiences and she knows just what I need, even if I don’t know what I need! I have recommended her to anyone whom I come across that needs a boost to achieve an amazing state of mind and increase their vibration. Kate is absolutely incredible at what she does!”

Melissa- San Diego, CA- Genbook Review

"It was like night and day -- me before my appointment and after. I felt so peaceful, uplifted and renewed. Kate is brilliant, and knowledgeable, yet super-warm. She has so many skills, she helped me beyond what I stopped in for. Moreover, she gave me a bunch of recommendations and info to use going forward. Thanks so much! Highly recommend."

Genbook Review- San Diego, CA

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"More and more and more LOVE is what my sessions with Kate have brought into my World and within Myself! My Heart is full! Beyond Grateful!"

Jo- 33, Ocean Beach- CA- Genbook Review

"I had such a powerful experience. Kate explained everything to me and made sure I was comfortable. I felt safe enough to allow myself to release the energy that didn't serve me. I cannot wait to continue my journey with Kate. Thank you."

Genbook Review- Scottsdale, AZ 

“I have noticed that I have started to crave this deep, nurturing, and relaxing approach to self-care; for healing, recharging, and balancing. After a session, there is a deep sense of being calm, centered, and aligned within myself with a clear mind that all is well. The additional value of this experience is that I get to bring this energy, feeling, and state of mind into all areas of my life has truly been beneficial!”

Angela- 39, San Diego- CA- Genbook Review

"Kate is a great listener and took the time to really understand my circumstances. She offered a fresh perspective and gave me useful advice and tools to tackle a difficult situation with a compassionate approach that yielded far better results than I could have imagined. I am truly grateful for her help!"

Whitney- San Diego, CA- Genbook Review

"With this being my first experience to energy therapy I was unsure what to expect. Kate was extremely informative before, during and after the treatment. She was able to cater to a specific treatment based on what I needed at that time. I would recommend Kate to all first responders!"

Genbook Review- CA & AZ 

“This has been one of the most empowering experiences of my life! Kate is a fresh breath of air. I am continuously manifesting my goals in life. Thank you for everything, Kate!!!"

Liza- San Diego, CA

EE Heart Glowing Photo.jpg

"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Kate Dreyfus over the last year. Her coaching and advice, on both a personal and professional level, have helped me identify, set and achieve goals that were previously just vague hopes. Kate possesses an increasingly rare and unique skill: the ability to listen in an engaging manner. What a gift! But what truly sets her apart, and what made the difference in my life, is the way in which she helped me look at my "problems". Whether it was with a question or a simple piece of advice, Kate helped me see things in a different light, opening new doors that I hadn't realized were there. Just as importantly, she helped me close some doors that needed closing! I am grateful for Kate's help and highly recommend her."


Christian- 41, San Diego- CA​

"Kate helped me to realize, heal, and recommit to my life again after carrying around the weight of heartbreak from being left from my last marriage and facing previous health issues. I didn’t realize how long I felt adrift out at sea in no man’s land. With Kate’s insight, guidance, and energy work, helped to heal old wounds and become revitalize and fully committed to creating a beautiful life!"

Jason- 40, Ocean Beach- CA​- Genbook Review

EE Spirual Girl Photo.jpg

"I've been seeing Kate for over a year, and I can't believe the night and day transformation! I wanted help to heal and renew my relationship with myself and to support repairing & rebuilding my marriage. Kate helped to detangle the mess in my head and my heart; deepening my self-acceptance. She supported me to find new ways of communicating in my marriage, which has decreased our fights & created new dynamics that are more of a reflection of who we are now. Sooo thankful for the love Im feeling!"

Genbook Review- Phoenix, AZ 

"It's been a pleasure working with Kate. She has guided me through various scenarios with a special match. A complete natural to relationship coaching, Kate has provided me with winning advice multiple times. I have learned a lot about myself after partnering up with Kate and she's incredibly effective and supportive."

Antonio- 34, VP-Investments, San Francisco- CA

EE Test Photo- Shoes & Colors.jpg

"Kate has been and continues to be one of the most social cognizant, adaptable, and supportive people I know. She is very gifted and is such a positive support in my life!"

Caitlin- 30, Project Manager, San Diego-CA

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