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Welcome to Evolve & Empower! 

If you find yourself here, then it is time to begin our journey together! This is an opportunity to create the best relationship you want to have with yourself, a fulfilling love life, and meaningful, healthy relationships. It is also a chance to deepen your personal growth, discover and become aligned with your life's purpose, and experience new heights in your success. Learn more & start today! 

You Are in the Right Place, If One or More Items Below Resonate with You:


  •  You want to create a strong sense of your authentic self (including self-identity and self-worth) in different areas of your life

  • Cultivating a positive relationship to self; to support personal growth, deepen self-love & self-acceptance, strengthen your self-confidence, create fulfilling success, and achieve higher levels of wellbeing 

  • You are a high achiever but feel like you're never good enough (even if your life looks good on the outside)

  • Not letting fear, doubt, or your past override your inner voice, wisdom, self-worth, confidence, and success

  • You want to gain clarity about your life purpose, how to integrate it into your life, and stay in alignment with it

  • You feel like your heart is closed or has an energetic block (or wall) that is affecting you from receiving your ideal romantic partner and/or the degree of abundance you want from life

  • You want a liberating breakthrough with your old patterns in your love life

  • Just beginning or need a fresh start with successfully navigating the dating process to achieve your dating goals

  • Creating awareness of what you are looking for in a romantic partner that matches who you are now and has the best compatibility for a long-term, successful relationship

  • Staying open, flexible, positive, empowered, and receptive in the dating process to support your success

  • Receiving support with how to develop a romantic connection, creating healthy boundaries, building trust & joy, getting your needs met, and open communication

  • Learning about your Attachment Style and how that influences your love life and your relationships

  • Understanding why we love whom we love; through your Personal Love Map

  • Holistic healing and renewing after a breakup, divorce, codependent relationship, and/or toxic or narcissistic relationship

  • Holistic healing for any pain or fear you may have attached to your experience of love from any time you felt heartbroken, betrayed, rejected, abandoned, and/or experienced loss

  • You feel stuck in patterns of thinking or acting that hurt yourself and others, yet struggle to find a way out

  • You are living in ways that you know aren't serving your highest good, but you're unsure how to change

  • You want to cultivate healthy relationships and meaningful connections in your family, friendships, and/or romantic relationship 

What We Offer...

At Evolve & Empower (E&E), in our private practice, we offer Empowerment Coaching & Intuitive Holistic Healing Services; Specializing as a Holistic Love Coach! As a Holistic Love Coach & Intuitive Healer, I am supporting you to deepen your capacity to receive more love & abundance in your life, cultivating self-love & self-acceptance, success in dating and romance, and healing & renewing after a breakup or divorce! For private sessions, they can be done in-person, by phone, or by Skype. Learn More & Start Today!

Additionally, we offer Workshops for Women that focus on Healing, Renewing, & Creating Success with Your Relationship to Love! All workshops are designed for powerful healing, liberation, and building success that can be created in group work. These workshops can be done in-person and starting in April 2020 they will also be available online. Learn More & Join Us!

We also Co-Create Events with other experts in the fields of Health & Wellbeing, Empowering Your Mindset & Elevating Your Life, and Creating Success in Your Love Life. Learn More & Dive-In!

How E&E Supports Your Goals & Why Choose Us…


In my private practice, as a Holistic Life Coach & Intuitive Healer, I am addressing the whole person when it comes to accomplishing your goals related to love, empowerment, personal growth, being your best self, and living your best life! What makes E&E services unique and powerful is that each session can combine different types of coaching, holistic modalities, holistic healing & intuitive insight, expertise, and effective tools that can be used in your daily life that will benefit you the most and your goals. 

Additionally, as a Holistic Life Coach & Intuitive Healer, I am taking into consideration any healing that needs to be done on any of the 5 levels and supporting your ability to Stay in Alignment on All 5 Levels to Achieve Your Goal(s):

  • the Mental- Your beliefs, thought process & patterns, narratives, & perception (in your conscious and subconscious mind)

  • the Emotional- Your emotional wellbeing, any emotional wounds, emotional resilience, & learning how to stay connected to how you feel

  • The Physical- Your health & wellbeing, your environment, and the relationships you have in your life

  • The Energetic- Addressing any energetic blockages & your energy levels (regarding your motivation related to your goals and preventing or recovering from burnout) 

  • The Spiritual- Creating awareness of the bigger picture; when it comes to learning from the life lessons that show up in your life patterns

Together~ This is a co-creating partnership in an uplifting environment in the process of achieving your goals! The sessions are designed to give you what you need to support your growth and success. 

E&E’s Process & What We Ask from All Clients…


This is a co-creating and inspirational environment in your journey to succeed with your goals! This is an opportunity to invest in yourself and inspire growth in the best possible direction in your life. With any investment and change, there is a dance. Whether we are taking baby steps forward, steps backward for more awareness, or leaps onward, we will always be advancing and accomplishing your goals.   


We ask for all clients to come to each session with an open mind and heart, a willingness and a commitment to do the work that will serve you, and a trust in the process. This approach will help anchor the beginning of your success by having the right mindset and the determination to reach your desired goals.     


We look forward to an opportunity to connect and be a part of your journey of Evolving, Empowering, and Thriving! 


Let’s get started!  

A Special Message from Kate...


 Your wellbeing and success are very important to me, and you can learn more about how Evolve & Empower is taking steps to support you through Phone or Skype Sessions, Online Workshops starting in April 2020, and different Tools that can be used to support you staying empowered with your everyday life during these tough times. 

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Complimentary Phone Consultation!

If you are interested in Evolve & Empower's services and how they can benefit you today, then I would invite you to set up a complimentary consultation phone call! During the call, I would briefly get to learn about you and your goals. It will also give me an opportunity to discuss my services to see which one will best support you.


You are also welcomed to bypass the complimentary phone consultation if you have a clear idea of what service will best assist you and want to get started as soon as possible. To learn more, contact us today!

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Empowerment Coaching & Intuitive Holistic Healing Services:

Specializing as a

Holistic Love Coach!

Learn more about Evolve & Empower’s services, prices, and how they can benefit you today!

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