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A Special Message from Kate...


 Your wellbeing and success are very important to me, and you can learn more about how Evolve & Empower is taking steps to support you through Phone or Skype Sessions, Online Workshops starting in April 2020, and different Tools that can be used to support you staying empowered with your everyday life during these tough times. 

What We Offer...

At Evolve & Empower (E&E), in our private practice, we offer Empowerment Coaching & Holistic Healing Services; Specializing as a Holistic Love Coach! These private sessions can be done in-person, by phone, or by Skype. Learn More & Start Today!

Additionally, we offer Workshops for Women that focus on Healing, Renewing, & Creating Success with Your Relationship to Love! All workshops are designed for powerful healing, liberation, and building success that can be created in group work. These workshops can be done in-person and starting in April 2020 they will also be available online. Learn More & Join Us!

We also Co-Create Events with other experts in the fields of Cultivating Higher Levels of Health & Wellbeing, Empowering Your Mindset & Elevating Your Life, and Creating Success in Your Love Life. Learn More & Dive-In!

We offer a special for First Responders, Veterans, and those serving our Miltary, one of our Energy Therapy Sessions that is designed to assist in creating healing, releasing, restoring, & rejuvenating your wellbeing & health. It also supports reducing stress and creating peace. Learn More & Benefit Today! 

How E&E Supports Your Goals & Why Choose Us…


What makes E&E services unique and powerful is that each session can combine different types of coaching, holistic modalities, holistic healing & insight, expertise, and effective tools that can be used in your daily life that will benefit you the most and your goals.      

E&E’s Process & What We Ask from All Clients…


This is a co-creating and uplifting environment in your process to succeed in accomplishing your goals! This is an opportunity to invest in yourself and inspire growth in the best possible direction in your life. With any investment and change, there is a dance. Whether we are taking baby steps forward, steps backward for more awareness, or leaps onward, we will always be advancing and accomplishing your goals.   


We ask for all clients to come to each session with an open mind and heart, a willingness and a commitment to do the work that will serve you, and a trust in the process. This approach will help anchor the beginning of your success by having the right mindset and the determination to reach your desired goals.     


We look forward to an opportunity to connect and be a part of your journey of Evolving, Empowering, and Thriving! 


Let’s get started!  

Complimentary Phone Consultation!

If you are interested in Evolve & Empower's services and how they can benefit you today, then I would invite you to set up a complimentary consultation phone call! During the call, I would briefly get to learn about you and your goals. It will also give me an opportunity to discuss my services to see which one will best support you.


You are also welcomed to bypass the complimentary phone consultation if you have a clear idea of what service will best assist you and want to get started as soon as possible. To learn more, contact us today!

Empowerment Coaching & Holistic Healing Services:

Specializing as a

Holistic Love Coach!

Learn more about Evolve & Empower’s services, prices, and how they can benefit you today!

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