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Holistic Empowerment Coach Services:

For Restoring Your Willpower & Vitality, Cultivating an Empowered Mindset & Emotional Resilience, and Creating a Clear Focus, Motivation, & Movement Forward by Achieving Your Goals!

What Clients Are Saying About It...

“This has been one of the most empowering
experiences of my life! Kate is a fresh breath of air. I am continuously manifesting my goals in life. Thank you for everything, Kate!!!”

Liza- San Diego, CA

Holistic Empowerment Coach Services


“Living an empowered life means living an unlimited life full of achievement, possibilities, and happiness.” Stephan Spencer

“Daring Greatly~ The courage to be vulnerable, to show up and be seen. To ask for what you need, to talk about how you're feeling, and to have the hard conversations." Brene Brown


What is a Holistic Empowerment Coach, and How Does it Work?

In my private practice, as a Holistic Empowerment Coach & Intuitive Healer, I use positive psychology and cognitive-behavioral psychology techniques to support your success! This includes focusing on cultivating your empowered mindset, emotional resilience, and using your strengths to achieve your goals.


It is also intended to create a Clear Focus & Motivation with Prioritizing what you want to accomplish this month, in 3 months, 6 months, and if needed within the year or long term. 


This session also incorporates Holistic Life Coaching, which is taking into consideration the whole person and making sure you are in Alignment on All 5 Levels to Support Accomplishing Your Goal(s):

  • the Mental- your beliefs, thought process & patterns, narratives, & perception (in your conscious and subconscious mind)

  • the Emotional- Your emotional wellbeing, any emotional wounds, emotional resilience, & learning how to stay connected to how you feel

  • The Physical- Your health & wellbeing, your environment, and the relationships you have in your life

  • The Energetic- Addressing any energetic blockages & your energy levels (regarding your motivation related to your goals and preventing or recovering from burnout)

  • The Spiritual- Creating awareness of the bigger picture; when it comes to learning from the life lessons that show up in your life patterns

It can incorporate Holistic Healing & Intuitive Insight, for healing any pain or fear you may have attached or associated to your experience of being successful as well as being empowered (including healing any beliefs, emotional wounds, or mistrust with self).

Togetherthis is a co-creating partnership in an uplifting environment. The session is structured to maximize your personal and professional potential that supports developing strategies to accomplish your goals!

Additionally, these 3 Services can also include different holistic modalities on a smaller scale in your session; such Healing Touch & Reiki, Aromatherapy, Breath Work & Body Scan, Heart-Center Healing Exercises, Guided Meditation & Visualization, Affirmations to help shift your mindset, Crystal Therapy, Weighted Biofield Tuning Forks, and Tibetan Bowls to support your success.


For Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Coaching Services, please visit our 

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Holistic Empowerment Coach Session!


By Phone, Skype, or In-Person


  • 30 Minutes for $75 

  • 60 minutes for $115 

  • 75 minutes for $125

Holistic Empowerment Coach Session- For Cultivating More Empowerment & Movement Forward by Achieving Your Goals!


This session uses Holistic Empowerment Coaching, Holistic Healing & Intuitive Insight, and on a smaller scale Energy Therapy.

This Session Focuses On:

  • It supports your empowerment, evolution, & elevation 

  • It is designed to make it easier to build momentum, motivation, accountability, & a solution-focused approach to fulfilling your life goals

  • To gain a clear focus and prioritizes your goals for what you want to accomplish this month, in 3 months, 6 months, within the year, and/or long-term

  • Creating personal growth and/or professional growth

  • Supporting your work-life, life-balance, and wellbeing

  • If you find yourself at a crossroads and wanting to start a new chapter, but uncertain which direction to go or what is the next step then this service is for you

  • Learning to cultivate more self-trust and trusting the process to achieve your goals

  • This session is also intended to help you to feel even more empowered within yourself, your life, & within your relationships

  • Supporting you to see what's possible & achieve the endless opportunities in your life goals

  • Reclaiming your willpower, vitality, and zest for life 

  • It also can integrate breathwork & body scanning techniques to reduce stress and bring you relief

  • Daily tools to support your empowered mindset, cultivating your inner strengths, & bringing that energy into every area of your life

  • And much more!

Empowerment Coaching Photo.jpg

Holistic Empowerment Coach with Energy Therapy Session!

In-Person Session Only


  • 60 Minutes for $115

  • 75 minutes for $125

  • 90 minutes for $145

Holistic Empowerment Coach with Energy Therapy Session- For Healing, Revitalizing Your Wellbeing, Cultivating Empowerment, & Catapulting You Forward by Accomplishing Your Goals!


This session uses Holistic Empowerment Coaching, Holistic Healing & Intuitive Insight, and Energy Therapy (which can include Healing Touch, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, and other customize energetic techniques).

This Session Focuses On:

  • This session is intended for uplifting transformations

  • Healing & rejuvenating your overall wellbeing

  • Supporting your emotional health & resilience

  • Learn tools to reduce stress and/or fear

  • Cultivating having more of an empowered mindset & capitalizing on your inner strengths

  • Building and maintaining higher levels of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem

  • If needed, learn steps to reclaim your power and having breakthroughs with old patterns with your empowerment 

  • It is designed to make it easier to build momentum, motivation, & a solution-focused approach to fulfilling your life goals

  • Co-creating strategies to accomplish unlimited opportunities in your life goals

  • Build inspiration & motivation during the journey portion of achieving your goals 

  • Learn tools to help you embrace change, transitions, and accomplishing your goals easier

  • Learning to live abundantly in the present moment 

  • Supporting your life-balance; through time management tools & creating a positive relationship with time

  • Learn tools to stay empowered throughout your day

  • If needed, healing any pain or fear you may have attached to your experience of being successful as well as being powerful

  • Break-free of being stuck or lost and discover a new fulfilling direction in your life

  • Energy therapy for gentle releasing, clearing, & transformation that uplifts you as you move forward in the best possible direction in your life

  • And much more!

Photo 1- Biofield Forks- Wood Backround.

Sound Therapy Session for Empowerment!

In-Person Session Only


  • 75 minutes for $125

  • 90 minutes for $145

Sound Therapy Session For Empowerment

For Deep Healing, Reclaiming Your Power, and Breakthroughs with Your Empowerment & Success!

This session is solely focused on using Holistic Healing & Intuitive Insight and Biofield Tuning, which is a Sound Therapy being used for higher levels of Empowerment and Success. On a smaller scale, the session can also include Holistic Empowerment Coaching. 

This Session Focuses On:

  • It is intended for deep healing, liberating transformations, & empowering your overall wellbeing 

  • Deep healing & reclaiming your power and vitality 

  • Strengthening and/or deepening your sense of self & self-identity 

  • Promotes feeling confident with being seen, heard, and getting your needs met

  • Break-free of feeling and/or being stuck in your life

  • Supports successful transitions in your life and making it easier to let go of the past

  • Assisting you with deep healing & breakthroughs with old patterns in your empowerment (within your mindset, emotional resilience, habits, relationships, and in every area of your life)

  • Helps to release past experiences that are affecting you from embracing who you are now with love and acceptance

  • Helping you to feel safe to be fully grounded, centered in the present moment, and feeling good about participating in your life

  • Supporting your goals and movement forward in your life

  • Assisting you to break through any glass ceiling to achieve your success 

  • Reduces the mind chatter and inner critique in your head 

  • Helps you to feel connected and at peace with being in the flow of right timing

  • Decreasing the need for overdoing & overthinking habits

  • Reduces stress, fear, anxiety, and depression 

  • Releasing & clearing any energetic blocks that prevent you from receiving the good in your life

  • And much more!

Additionally, throughout the session, you will be playing an active role by participating in breath work & body scan, affirmations, and other holistic modalities when needed to support your healing, releasing, and success with your goals related to empowerment.

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