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Workshop~ What is Your Relationship to Yourself?

Updated: May 3, 2020

Holistic Women’s Workshops- Join Us as We Explore- Your Relationship to Self & Wholeness!

On Tuesday January 7th from 6pm-8: 30 pm at RJS Executive Suites on 4310 North 75th Street, Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Longest Relationship You Will Have in Life is with Yourself. Your Relationship to Yourself will Dictate the Type of Relationships You will have with Others. This is Why it's Important to Create the Type of Love You Want to Experience with Others & Life by Starting with the Love You can Offer Yourself.

What You Will Learn & Gain from this Workshop:

Exploring & Insight- What is Your Relationship to Yourself?:

  • What type of relationship are you cultivating with yourself

  • What is your perception of yourself?

  • What is your inner self-talk & narrative?

  • How do you show up for yourself- in times of success & times of fear/pain?

Reclaiming & Cultivating- A Strong Inner Foundation for Wholeness:

  • Cultivating Self-Compassion, Self-Forgiveness, & Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You

  • Reclaiming Your Power & Self-Trust and Cultivating Your Empowered Mindset

  • Cultivating Self-Love, Self-Acceptance & Your Best Self- Be in Touch with Your Own Inner Resources

We look forward to connecting & welcoming you!

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