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Make Room on Your "Plate" for New Opportunities!

How can any new opportunity offer you anything, if your “plate” is always full?

Your “plate” can be full of past experiences, what you use to have, endless to-do lists, too many projects, worry, fear, and much more.

It’s important to leave room on your “plate” for what you want most in your life today.

I would invite you to examine and re-evaluate your own “plate”. I would encourage to review one area of your life at a time to prevent you from feeling stressed or overwhelmed (your personal life, professional, etc.).

Keeping in mind, that not everything needs to be done right now or this month. Practicing this supportive habit will help you to focus only on what needs to be done today and trusting that what needs to be done tomorrow will be taken care of.

This intentional act can support you to move away from overdoing, overthinking, or over-businesses. It can help shift you away from scarcity that your “plate” won’t always be full of what need.

It can help move you into trust, that what you are doing is enough, and allowing space for the new to come into your life.

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