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Doubt; How it Affects Our Progress & Goals

A big theme lately, is acknowledging how often doubt can affect our success in all areas in our lives.

It’s essential to recognize what your ‘doubt script’ or narrative is and when it is affecting you from starting the race or finishing it.

Awareness is the key. Once you know what your ‘doubt script’ is and how it can affect your thoughts, mood, and behavior, then it becomes easier to stop the whole transaction; so, it doesn’t take over your entire day.

What will get you through any struggles or setbacks, is understanding ‘why’ you are doing something and making sure it holds more value and credibility than your ‘doubt script’ (and any fears).

The ‘why’ gives us meaning and clear motivation in our goals. It helps us to break free and move beyond old limitations and any roadblocks. It becomes more powerful than our doubt, frustration, and disappointment when things aren’t working out as we planned or as quickly as we wanted them too.

Remember, to feed your light, inspiration, and trust the process, which will get you half way there.
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