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Congestive Energy is your 'Emotional Baggage'; Learn How to Heal & Break Free from it!

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Evolve & Empower, from a holistic standpoint, looks at congestive energy and stagnant energy as your ‘emotional baggage’ that we can hold in our body. Every time you think and feel you are creating energy. The perfect example of that is stress. Stress is generated in our thoughts and emotions that show up in our body. For example, someone can experience stress in their neck, shoulders, and stomach. Over time, it can wear and tear on our physical, mental, and emotional health. It also negatively affects our energy levels and wellbeing. All of it can take a toll and there is a cost for it.

As Dr. Brene Brown says, "The body keeps score and always wins.”

If you take it a step further, imagine how other heavy emotions and limiting thoughts will affect you over time. For example, fear, resentment, pain, anger, shame, and not believing you are enough (etc.). The awareness of these emotions, thoughts, and habits can come from your past with what you have learned and what you are choosing to practice now. It is in our awareness where we can begin to create change.

I have found that it can affect you feeling safe in your body, being able to trust your mind and choices, receiving the love and good in your life, and staying in a state of empowerment. When you don’t feel safe in your body it is harder to stay fully grounded and present in the now. When we aren’t grounded in the present it makes it harder to be receptive to saying yes to new opportunities or missing warning signs.

Granted, all emotions have a message and can be our guides letting us know what is working or not. Our emotions are not something to avoid, but instead practice creating a healthy relationship with them. However, when it comes to heavier emotions, it is when we indulge in them and hold onto them that it can become unhealthy. When we don’t practice positive outlets for these heavy emotions and limiting thoughts it starts showing up negatively in our health, wellbeing, happiness, and success. When we turn limiting thoughts of our own or others into beliefs that we begin to feed, apply in our life, and make them normal it ends up restricting our potential in life.

For all of these reasons, it is important to practice self-responsibility with our thoughts and emotions. Remember, that all beliefs can be changed and all emotions are temporary. There is freedom in this understanding.

We can’t control how others treat us or some of life’s hardships. However, empowerment is based on how we choose to respond. It is in our daily lives, we can always choose to start over again and again. We can choose to dismiss what doesn’t support your highest and greatest good. Instead, be mindful of your thoughts, emotions, actions in all aspects of your life. Then practice letting go of the rest.

I have found that this process can prevent congestive and stagnant energy buildup in your mind, heart, and body. It can help to keep your spirit light and give you the energy you need to stay motivated and empowered.

Another way to support positive habits and liberate yourself from your ‘emotional baggage’ is by receiving energy therapy and empowerment coaching.

Evolve & Empower provides nurturing, relaxing energy therapy for this purpose. By using Healing Touch and Reiki techniques to gently break up, clear, and heal congestive and stagnant energy buildup in your mind, heart, and body. It is also a heart-centered healing that addresses the whole person by restoring and balancing energy. These imbalances can come from being depleted by stress, life transitions, emotionally draining experiences, and helps to prevent or recover from personal and professional burnout. It revitalizes your overall wellbeing and supports high-levels of wellness.

Additionally, Evolve & Empower provides empowerment coaching to help you create and cultivate your inner strength and bring that mindset and energy into every area of your life. Each session of Empowerment Coaching & Energy Therapy provides daily tools that can support your wellbeing, empowerment, and movement forward in your life.

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