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When Your Old Narrative is Negatively Affecting You From Achieving Your Goals

"Recognize when your old narrative or life story is compromising your perspective and goals in the present moment. #LifeGoals #BestLife

When it comes to our past experiences and old relationships it’s important to only take the wisdom of those life lessons with us and not allow it to dictate the rest of your life. It’s important to practice breaking free of the belief that the old pattern in your life is what you will always have to live with; the old narrative that tells us, this “always” happens to me or that you will “never” get what you want most in your love life or career (etc.).

As you do move forward in life, if you do fall down or feel like you took a couple steps backward, remember that it doesn’t mean you're reliving the past, it can happen because there is something to gain. For one, the fact that you are aware that you took a step backward to an old life chapter, proves your growth. Maybe you took a step backward to learn something that was missed the first time or to give you the extra motivation to do whatever it takes to change and be successful in your life goals.

What supports our empowerment is trusting that there is always something to gain in every experience that is helping us to reach our goals and live fulfilling lives. #TheJourney #AndTheEndGame #WhatMattersMost
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