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FAQ: "What is a Holistic Love Coach?"

As a Holistic Love Coach, one of the most important jobs I do is to help my clients to heal any pain or fear they may have attached to their overall experience of love; which includes within our beliefs, narratives that can affect our perception, our choices & actions, and our capacity to receive love. It is essential to heal the times where you may have felt betrayed, rejected, abandoned, and/or experienced loss or trauma. When we heal the pain, it helps us to release the fear about it happening again. This applies to our goals we may have with Self-Love, Dating & Romance, and/or with having Healthy, Meaningful Relationships in our lives.

I have also found that our ability to receive the good in our life is connected to our ability to receive love. When it comes to receiving the love and the good in our lives, it comes down to what conditions we put on it, the degree and capacity that we can receive, and what we believe we deserve (based on our self-worth).

Additionally, I assist my clients with uplifting breakthroughs with old patterns of resistance and old patterns in love. It is vital to create awareness and heal any patterns of resistance that may be working against you accomplishing your goals. Furthermore, breaking free of old patterns in love related to self-love, dating & romance, and the old dynamics you may have within your relationships.

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