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Online Workshop~ Creating Home Within Yourself through Shadow Work!

Online Holistic Women’s Workshop~ Creating Home Within Yourself!

As we all confront and adjust to this new way of life, some of the biggest challenges we face, on an individual level, is feeling alone. Everything has been stripped away with all of our daily routines, obligations, security, and ways of connecting.

With these external changes, we can also be experiencing some internal turbulence. Many of us are facing our shadow side. The shadow side represents our unconscious mind. This can include any fears, emotional wounds, and old beliefs & narratives (etc.) that we may be holding onto that are now coming to the surface to get our attention. It is only through self-awareness of our shadow side that we can create healing, deepening our self-acceptance, and having inner balance & peace.

With that in mind, this time is an opportunity to dive deep and unburden anything that may be weighing you down or holding you back. This way, we can emerge from our homes, our cocoons, like a butterfly, to be better prepared to take flight into a new world.

This Online Holistic Women’s Workshop is all about exploring how to create home with yourself and embracing your shadow side. This work allows us to accept our dualistic nature to create healing, self-love, and inner balance & peace. It also supports our personal growth through learning the life lessons that our shadow side can teach us. In addition, it sets you up for success on a personal, professional, romantic, and spiritual level. This is an opportunity to use this time to transform through personal growth!

What We Will Be Exploring in this Online Women’s Workshop:

1. Creating Home Within Yourself:

  • What does it mean to create home within myself?

  • How do I create home within myself and maintain it?

2. Exploring & Embracing Our Shadow Side:

  • What is my shadow side?

  • How does our shadow side affect us from feeling whole (at home within ourselves)?

  • Why do we tend to reject, make wrong, repress, or suppress our shadow side?

  • How does our shadow side affect our relationships, goals, and success?

  • How can you embrace your shadow side?

3. Holistic Heart-Centered Healing & Guided Meditation:

  • Holistic heart-opener and heart-centered healing

  • Creating peace, harmony, and balance within

  • Reducing stress, anxiety, anxiousness, depression, fear, pain, and much more!

4. Supporting the Collective- We Are All in This Together:

  • Creating intention and sending healing energy to the collective and the world

  • As we uplift the collective, we uplift ourselves (and vice-a-versa)

5. Raffle Prize:

  • Win a Complimentary Session with Evolve & Empower (that can be done By-Phone or Skype)


Next Workshop: Creating Home Within Yourself!

Date: Saturday, May 16th, 2020

Time: 10:30am-1pm Mountain Standard Time (USA)

Location: Online Event Using GoToMeeting

Ticket Price: $20

Last Day to Register: May 14th

Only 20 spots available and all guests must register by midnight on May 14th to reserve your seat for our Online Women’s Workshop. All registered guest will receive their Online Workshop Preparation Email on May 15th.

Purchase Ticket through Eventbrite.

Online Workshop Preparation:

1. Your Preparation:

Have Notebook, Pen, Open Mind, Workshop Exercises (printed or download on your computer to use in the online workshop), Pick a Space in Your Home Where You Won’t Be Interrupted, & Use Headphones if You Have Them.

2. Preparation Email:

On May 15th, you will receive an email from Kate, the host of the event, with your GoToMeeting invitation link and workshop exercises in a word document format needed for the online event.

Join us!

Join us in a supportive, uplifting environment where you are surrounded by like-minded souls! What we do today will build upon tomorrow, so let's get started!

To Learn More About Our Holistic Women’s Workshop; Visit Evolve & Empower!

To Stay Connected for Future Workshops; Join Our Newsletter Community or Visit Our Meetup Group!

If you have any questions, please contact your host & workshop facilitator, Kate Dreyfus, at Evolve & Empower.

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