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Successful, Uplifting Valentine's Day Event With TruFusion, Meditative Vibes, and Evolve & Empower!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

It was a beautiful, heartfelt women's event on Valentine's Day with TruFusion Scottsdale, Meditative Vibes, and Evolve & Empower!

Together, TruFusion Scottsdale, Meditative Vibes, and Evolve & Empower created a wonderful space with the intention to support the women attendees to have an uplifting transformation on their journey to experience more love in their lives. Kate Dreyfus, Holistic Love Coach & Healer, and Katie Tina Malinovic, Tru Yin Yoga Instructor, provided gentle guidance to support the process of creating awareness of any blocks and barriers that prevent us from experiencing the depths of love we want to have with ourselves, others, and in life. As the attendees released those blocks, it created room to receive more love through a Holistic Heart-Centered Healing and Guided Meditation by Kate Dreyfus with the amazing, experiential sound immersion Meditative Vibes headphones. It is through this collaboration and the attendees' willingness to embrace the process of deepening their capacity for more love that created a beautiful, successful event! We want to thank the attendees who were able to join us, and we hope to see you at the next collaboration event with TruFusion, Meditative Vibes, and Evolve & Empower!

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