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How the Season of Fall Can Create a Positive Relationship to 'Endings' in Our Lives

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

As this challenging year comes to an end, it becomes important that we learn and practice how to create a positive relationship with any 'endings' we may be experiencing in our lives. By doing so, we are supporting our wellbeing and our success in new beginnings. One of the best teachers for this is the cycles of our seasons.

As we step into the season of Fall in the northern hemisphere, it can teach us to embrace shedding the old; that which is not of love and doesn’t serve our greatest and highest good. Just like the Fall leaves turning rich colors of red, orange, and yellow to brown reminds us that letting go can be beautiful and freeing. It can bring us back to our bare bones and roots of the essence of who we are now and who we are becoming. It can also realign us with what means the most to us and rediscover what our best life can be.

We can also use this time to reflect on all the small and large moments of gratitude for this year or possibly a longer chapter in your life. We may have to shift our perspective to find the silver-lining in our life lessons that come from struggle, pain, or disappointment and explore how it can be serving the bigger picture in our growth. The growth that can lead us in a better direction to support the life we want to live most or a life that is better than what we originally had dreamed. It is through this process of seeing what we are gaining in all of our life experiences that can help to uplift us and support us to embrace the cycles of endings to create space and adventure for new beginnings.

The cycles of life are all around us; endings that are followed by new beginnings. This can help us to become more familiar with this process of life and by becoming familiar, it can create comfort in this aspect of life. It can especially help us in moments when we fall down in life and reminding us to trust in our rise.

Additionally, it is important to remember that in the process of letting go, within change, transitions, and transformational growth, there will always be a layer of something ending for something new to begin. Endings can create a feeling of loss and grief, which can develop some fear around this process of life. It can be easy to let fear prevent us from embracing change. What can help us to release the fear around the process of change is by becoming aware of how we define ‘endings’ in our lives. Typically, we think endings are associated with something that no longer exists. However, that is not always the case. If we approach all endings with that particular belief, then it can prevent us from allowing new growth to take place within ourselves, our relationships, and in our lives.

For example, when it comes to our relationships, there can be many cycles of endings and beginnings as we evolve. Endings in our relationships don’t necessarily mean it is over. Instead, it can bring to light the old dynamic and pattern within the relationship that isn’t working. It is an opportunity to embrace the season of Fall and come to a new agreement of exploring different avenues that support the health and success of your relationship.

If we build a positive relationship to how we define ‘endings’ in our lives then it will help us to be more present in now, make it easier to embrace & accept growth, and to be more in the flow of life; helping us to release the need to control or resist the one constant thing in our lives; change.

To develop a positive relationship with ‘endings’, take time to reflect on what comes up for you when you think of the endings in your life or beliefs around it. Is it heavy or uncomfortable? If needed, take steps to bring some healing, love, and a new perspective to old wounds and hardships that may surround your experience of endings in your life.

What can create healing, wisdom, and empowerment is recognizing the differences between your past and the present moment, who you were and who you are now, and only taking the wisdom of your past life lessons with you. This can help us to develop a new relationship with endings; by acknowledging the gap, the contrasts, and what we have gained that is serving us now. Empowering us by seeing what has worked and what hasn’t, and using the power of choice to create what you want now.

Remember that after the season of Fall sheds it’s leaves and Winter takes over supporting us to go inward to reflect, what will follow next is the birth of Spring. This can teach us to use these cycles of life to help you with shedding the old to create the new. What we plant, invest, and feed can manifest in our new beginnings if we embrace the dance of change.

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